Who are we?
Telford Sub Aqua Club (TSAC) is a branch of the Scottish Sub Aqua Club (ScotSAC), the official body for sport diving in Scotland, an organisation with an enviable safety record.

Why Telford, when we are based in Edinburgh?
A question asked by every new member! Telford branch was formed in 1983 by students at Telford College, Edinburgh. Since there was already an Edinburgh branch of ScotSAC they took the name of their college. Those students have long since moved on but the name, somewhat confusingly, remains.

Diving with TSAC
TSAC welcomes new members - experienced divers and novices alike
Club members dive throughout the year - local trips on weekday evenings, further afield on high days and holidays. We meet at the Royal Commonwealth Pool (21 Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh, EH16 5BB) for training from September to May. We hold open water training evenings every Wednesday over the summer, weather permitting, usually a boat dive around Craigleith Island. Members meet at the Harbour, North Berwick.

Club Members
TSAC members come from a variety of diving backgrounds, diving experience ranges from novice to master diver (ScotSAC) with most somewhere in between.

We take on new trainees in September and February each year for pool training. Membership fees are £7.50 per month by standing order. Most members opt for the standing order option. All members of TSAC must have current membership of ScotSAC. TSAC Membership covers all pool sessions and contributes to maintaining the RIB. Dives on the RIB are generally charged at £2 per day or part thereof plus a share of fuel costs

Telford Sub Aqua Club - www.tsac.org.uk